Texoprint - Stereo Wonderland



The Netherlands’ most intense noise rock trio has changed its name but not its identity. Texoprint (formerly known as Kalaallit Nunaat) is a factory specialised in producing noise at the highest level. This year they’ll release a new EP and play all over Europe including Supersonic’s Block Party in Paris and Best Kept Secret 2024.

Mumble EP
In October they finally released their first single of their new EP called “Push it Down”. The trio is set to release two new singles, the first up Guess. A quick, bouncy and hooky post-punk song. In the spring of 2024 they plan to release their third EP called Mumble. It is a deliberate step towards a more aggressive approach to sound, which is really what their next EP is all about. Kalaallit Nunaat’s new songs are only going to get more energetic and aggressive, pushing the boundaries of what they have done before. Expect an EP that is both memorable and earsplitting.

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Donnerstag, den 02.05.2024


Stereo Wonderland

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