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Hangman's Chair, formed in 2005 in Paris, are one of the most unique sounding rock doom bands currently active. Through the years, they have found and fine-tuned their own unique sound signature, somewhere at the crossroads between Type O Negative, Life Of Agony and Sisters of Mercy, to name a few. Each album takes its strength and essence from the band members's own life experiences, which they write about always with unflinching honesty. Whether it's the loss of band members, drug overdoses or the hardships of living in suburban Paris, all those human emotions resonate within each of their songs as they embrace the darkness and transform it into something beautiful, heavy and melancholic. After 5 studio albums and a handful of splits / EPs, Hangman's Chair is releasing their 6th studio album, "A LONER". Their first record to be out on the german label NUCLEAR BLAST. About loneliness in all its forms, this record has all the trademarks that makes Hangman's Chair music so visceral, and will keep you in its tight grip from the very first listen.

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